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Olden & Associates has been involved in numerous land-use applications in this charming precinct, including those on behalf of Mavromac, Wolfe Street Fabrics, Equestrian Affair, Chelsea Lighting, Osbourne House, India House, Coco Karoo, Falcon House and Belgotex, as well as numerous properties in Riebeek and Wolfe streets.

Chelsea Village falls within a Heritage Overlay Zone, which requires that consent be given by the City of Cape Town for all new building work or changes in land use status. Olden & Associates has developed a close working relationship with the Old Wynberg Village Society in an effort to ensure that all land use applications made on behalf of property owners in Chelsea Village are sensitively handled and conclusively address the area’s unique heritage requirements. These include, but are not limited to, ensuring that business applications include a genuine residential component, that all applications are sensitive to the traffic and parking limitations of the area, and that all new building work and/or changes in land use contribute positively towards the charm and spirit of Chelsea Village as a whole.

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